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How More People Of Color Are Finding Therapists Who Look Like Them

Directories of therapists of color are becoming increasingly popular, like Therapy for Black Girls and the National Queer & Trans Therapists of Color Network. This trend seems to signal a growing openness toward mental health care among minority communities. Still, KERA's mental health reporter Syeda Hasan spoke with Dallas counselors who say the work isn't finished.

Art & Seek

Racism, Discrimination and Punk Rock: Alejandro Escovedo Chats About His Experience in Music

Texas music legend Alejandro Escovedo is currently in the middle of an international tour for his album, “The Crossing.” In it, Escovedo weaves together personal narratives with imagined scenarios that reflect the experiences of migrants who’ve crossed the southern border. NPR Music’s Felix Contreras calls it “a power collection of songs that may, in fact, be the […]

Think with Krys Boyd

The Roadblock To Medicare-for-All

Dylan Scott joins us to talk about the biggest roadblock to expanding Medicare: the 160 million Americans who receive insurance through their jobs. His story “Is Employer-Sponsored Insurance Really a Good Deal for Workers?” appears on Vox.

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